Progress with the development of the Murchison MLC

MEPI is currently focussed on utilizing the existing structures on the property and renovating these in order to rapidly implement the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

One house, Ridgeview, has already been renovated to serve as a lecture/training venue and videoconferencing facility.  The room will be equipped with desks and chairs for 20 students and have a video-conferencing unit available, which will allow for real-time teaching and lecturing. The lecture room can also be used as a skills laboratory with input from the six main clinical disciplines (Internal Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Psychiatry) so that the resources are relevant to training.

Another room will serve as a computer LAN facility with laptops and internet access for at least 10 people.  This will be attached to a library and e-repository which will have reference and prescribed textbooks, and the current journals as appropriate.

Another house, Elangeni, which was previously used as a dormitory for nurses and is well suited to be renovated to serve to accommodate twenty undergraduate students visiting the site, will become available for renovation in November this year. The outside will be designed for some recreational activities like swimming, and tennis. The aim is to provide a supportive learning environment where students can learn, but also take time out to enjoy the beauty of the KwaZulu-Natal outdoors.

Two other houses will be renovated as a guest house for registrars, consultants and visiting specialists.  This will accommodate approximately ten people.

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