Selective 01 : MBChB II- 2012


During 2012, the Selectives 01 Student Handbook was revised and rewritten.


2nd year Selectives requirements 

In order to earn your credits for the Selectives 01 module in the 2nd year,

the following assignments will need to be completed: 

   1.   Record of Attendance: (individual). 

   2.   Observed Consultations (individual): Observe 20 consultations in a primary (first contact) care situation. The observed consultations must be from four different primary care sites, which could include a general practice, clinic, community health centre, district hospital outpatient department, in the community with traditional healers, or home-based carers. For each consultation observed, record the Type of service (e.g. PHC clinic, GP, private or public funded etc); Age; Sex; Diagnosis (not just main complaint or key finding); and Therapeutic Intervention offered the patient. 

   3    Practice Profile (individual using shared data): Develop a Practice Profile for the different types of PHC services you have been exposed to in the area. Each student must record 50 consecutive visits from a Daily Clinic Register or a Practice Register, with permission but anonymous - no names to be listed. This data must be added from the 20 Observed Consultations. Combine the data from each student on an EXCEL spreadsheet. Develop frequency distribution tables, measures of central tendency & dispersion; develop appropriate graphs (bar graphs, histogram, etc). Briefly describe the key information shown in your tables and graphs. 

   4    Facility Resource Assessment (individual): Evaluate each of the four sites against the principles of the Alma Ata PHC charter in a table. 

   5    Patient / Family Study (individual): Choose a patient who has recently been diagnosed with a chronic or ongoing problem. After receiving permission for a home visit, the student is requied to arrange 2 visits to the patients home and must prepare a comprehensive individual patient study report / commentary, including proof of the visit (e.g. a photograph of the homestead - with permission, contact number of patient or family member etc.). The report should include an environmental assessment and must emphasise the psychosocial aspects of health & disease. A genogram and an ecomap on the patient's family with a brief written summary must also be submitted.  It is expected that this patient will be followed up over three years - during Selectives 01, 02 and Selectives 03.

   6    Primary Health Care Resources Map: (group).  The important health (primary, secondary and tertiary level) and social resources that your Selectives community utilizes when they are ill, or which they use to remain healthy must be identified. Write a short reflective description of each of the health facilities / resources, briefly describing each of these resources, what service they provide and how the patient accesses them (even if they are outside the boundaries of your Selectives catchment community). Draw a schematic map (not be an aerial photograph and not necessarily drawn to scale) which shows the relationship between these various resources. Comment critically on the role of these health resources in the community (maximum 100 words per resource). The focal point of this schematic map is a typical patient in your Selectives community. 

   7    Community Diagnosis - Priority Health Problem (group): Based on your Practice Profile and home visits identify 5 (FIVE) commonly occurring community health problems (e.g., Gastroenteritis, TB, substance abuse, hypertension, AIDS, lack of water, air pollution). Describe each problem (What? Where? When? Who? Why? How?) and write a brief summary of each problem emphasizing the psychosocial aspects of the problem (200 words maximum each). Rank the problems justifying your prioritization, which will assist you in the subsequent year when performing your research project. 

   8    Literature review (individual). Based on the priority community health problem you have identified conduct a literature review on relevant aspects.  The topic chosen could be used to develop The Community-based Health Research in Selective 2 (MBChB III) and the Community-based Health Promotion Activity in Selective 3 (MBChB IV). 

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